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International Admissions and Recruiting

International AdmissionsInternational Admissions

Admission Priority Dates
Spring - November 1
Summer - February 1
Fall - December 1

Scholarship Priority Dates
Spring - November 1
Fall - December 1

Arrival Schedules
Summer 2020
Fall 2020
Spring 2020

Arrival Checklists
Freshman Checklist
Transfer Checklist

International Admissions
Kansas State University
010 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506-1111
+1 785-532-7277 (tel)
+1 785-532-6550 (fax)


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"I came to K-State because of the great programs, the beautiful campus, and the peaceful surroundings. After arriving, I fell in love with the campus and the community. It's a place where everyone knows everyone and lovely people have time and enthusiasm to help and care for others. I built a family here away from home."

Sri Lanka

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