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Living options

Kansas State University is your home away from home, and the university has plenty of living options on campus and off campus. 

On-campus living with Housing and Dining Services

湖北快3玩法技巧 provides affordable, safe and engaging accommodations for on-campus residents. The proof is in the numbers — more than 6,000 students call the K-State campus home. And with and available to on-campus residents as well as off-campus residents and faculty/staff, everyone can sample the award-winning fare available across multiple campus locations.

Residence halls

Housing and Dining Services currently offers  on the Manhattan campus, and there are on the Polytechnic campus. The residence halls are a safe and affordable environment where you can meet new friends, participate in organized social activities, and roll out of bed and walk to class. 

Scholarship house

Scholarship houses offer academic and leadership opportunities in a small-group living atmosphere. Housing and Dining Services oversees , an all-women scholarship house on the Manhattan campus.

Honors House

The is a co-ed hall on the Manhattan campus for students who participate in the University Honors Program. This focused living environment places an emphasis on community development and academic success.

On-campus apartments

湖北快3玩法技巧 is a living community on the Manhattan campus for students of a sophomore standing or greater, graduate students, international students, nontraditional students and families.

Off-campus living

You can find various housing options including apartments and homes around Manhattan to suit your living needs. If you are having an issue with your off-campus living situation, Off-Campus Housing Support is here to help. The office provides information on landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities as well as support and guidance to help resolve consumer complaints.

Looking for off-campus housing close to our Polytechnic campus? Salina offers a number of housing options to K-State students, as well as lots of .

Fraternities and sororities

 surround the Manhattan campus, and all chapter houses are within walking distance. Most chapters provide room and board and study facilities, along with leadership, social and intramural activities.

Scholarship houses

Off-campus scholarship houses offer academic and leadership opportunities in a small-group living atmosphere just like the on-campus scholarship house options. Manhattan features  for women and Smith for men as off-campus options.