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Office of Veterans Affairs

Office of Veterans Affairs
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In-State Tuition Benefit

湖北快3玩法技巧Per the Choice Act of 2014 and the State House Bill 2154 and 2567, Kansas State University will offer the in-state tuition rate to qualified individuals.

湖北快3玩法技巧Qualified individuals include:

  • Current members of the armed forces of the United States
  • Spouses and dependent children of current members of the armed forces of the United States 
  • Veterans and their spouse and dependent children who were permanently stationed in Kansas during their service in the armed forces**
  • Veterans and their spouse and dependent children who had established residency in Kansas prior to service in the armed forces**              
  • Veterans eligible for VA educational benefits (Post 9/11, Montgomery, Chapter 1606/1607 reserves)**
  • Spouses and dependent children of veterans with entitlement to a VA educational benefit (Post 9/11, Fry scholarship, Chapter 35 DEA)**

*The term “armed forces” includes the army, navy, marine corps, air force, coast guard, Kansas army or air national guard or any branch of the military reserves of the United States.

**  Requirements: Must live in Kansas while attending school.

Note: It is not a requirement to use the VA educational benefit to receive the in-state rate. In-state rate continues even after benefit has been exhausted with continuous enrollment.

湖北快3玩法技巧Questions and inquiries regarding instate tuition are handled through the Admissions Office.

K-State Admissions Office
119 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6393 fax